What are the Disadvantages of Using a Laptop?

A computer or a laptop plays an important role in today’s world in every sector whether it be in an organization, school, office, etc. We all are familiar with the advantages of having a normal computer or a laptop but there are various other disadvantages of using both devices. In a normal sense, we do know about the side effects of using a desktop computer as seating continuously in front of a desktop computer can cause many health issues. But there are also some disadvantages of using normal and best laptop brands. That’s the reason why you should do proper research before choosing the best laptop brand for your personal work or office.

In this article, we would be discussing the disadvantages of using a laptop whether it may be a standard one or the best laptop brand. 

  • Cost factor

If you have ever surfed about the price range of the laptop or have ever visited a store where laptops are sold then you may come to know that a laptop computer is comparatively very costly than a normal desktop computer. Whether you are planning to have a standard laptop or the best laptop brand, you need to pay high than a desktop computer. But compared to the standard laptop, best laptop brands are more expensive. The cost of the laptop is considered as the major disadvantage of a laptop. You can check out recommended laptops list by techlogitic

  • Frequent upgrades

There are always new features and upgrades present in the field of a laptop. Due to this, you face an older version of the laptop because you have purchased months or years back. The laptops are difficult to upgrade due to its integrated design. The only part which can be upgraded in your laptop is nothing but hard disk and the memory as this are the only parts that are accessible to users. As every laptop has its own proprietary designs and construction, they are very difficult to upgrade.

  • High maintenance cost

A laptop has a very high maintenance cost compared to a normal desktop computer. Whenever you face any problem or damage you are supposed to take the laptop either to the customer care or else to the certified engineer. To repair a laptop you need to have sophisticated tools which are present only with the repairers of the laptop and other devices. Best laptop brands have their own customer service where you can take your laptop and repair it safely. If you have a standard laptop then it is sometimes very difficult to find the customer service, due to which you need to rely on a local engineer who repairs the laptops and other computers.

  • Highly insecure

As it is a portable device, there is a high chance of laptop being missed or stolen. There are many such cases which have been registered of the laptop being stolen. So, while carrying your laptop anywhere outside the house, you need to ensure that you take them safely. The other major issue which is being faced by the laptop users is nothing but stealing of their personal and business data and files. When the laptop is theft, there is high chance of misusing or leaking of your personal and business secrecy outside by the theft. So, ensure that you carry your laptop safely. Some best laptop brands provide facility of gaining back the laptop or documents by tracking the person but in a real sense, it is very difficult.

  • Health issues

We assume that only desktop computers can cause health issues to the users but it is totally false. Continuous use of the laptops can also cause various health issues to the users. Prolonged use of laptops can cause neck problem, back pain, RSI due to their flat keyboards and trackpad pointing devices and also other eye problems. Due to the rays emitted from the screen of the laptop you might also face problems like a frequent headache, strain to eyes, etc. it is recommended to use a normal eyeglass which will prevent your eyes from the direct rays of laptop and also take a break frequently i.e, after half an hour or after 45 minutes each. It is also recommended that you keep an average distance between the display screen of the laptop and you. The integrated screen of the laptop causes frequent bending towards the display for the better view which may lead to neck and spinal injuries.  

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