iWork Suite – Spreadsheet Office App for iPad 2


Numbers is the spreadsheet app for iPad and this application is associated with the iWork suite. Most users find this application far more user friendly and convenient than Pages. This application enables you to do almost all the actions related to a spreadsheet. You can create new spreadsheets, delete the ones that you do not need and send or share them with the people who need to access them.

The iPad screen provides you more space and better display to facilitate you work and work on complex documents as well. There are videos from Apple to make the users learn the way to work easily with tables in your spreadsheet. You can learn and work with charts, graphics, photos, formulas etc with equal ease by using this spreadsheet app for iPad. Here are some of the great features of this spreadsheet application:


Easy working with Tables

When you work on iWork Suite of application and work with tables then you would not even realize that you are working from your iPad because the user interface is so simple. You simply move your fingers and tap to enter and edit data in the tables. Addition, subtraction, finding minimum, maximum and other mathematical operations can be done with great ease.

Working with Forms

You can work on forms and work on your data faster and efficiently. These forms are very advanced and once linked with a table, the information gets automatically updated in the tables. This is helpful in maintaining records of classrooms, tracking performance of your car in terms of mileage etc.

Working with Charts

Working with charts is very interesting with this spreadsheet app for iPad. You can add various styles and make your charts look attractive. Adding data from more than one sheet to your charts can be done with ease. Numbers is a flexible spreadsheet application and this makes it very easy to drag the charts as you want.


Smart Keyboard

Smart keyboard enables you to work easily with formulas and do complex calculations rapidly. More than 250 functions are fully supported by a well developed calculation engine. There is enough help available for the users in case if they face any difficulty in using the keyboard for their desired operations.


If you want to take printout of your spreadsheets then you do not need any special software. This can be done very easily at just one tap using iWork Suite. Airprint makes printing faster by locating the printers that are Airprint enabled.

Multiple Formats and File Sharing

This spreadsheet app for iPad supports multiple formats. Yu can easily edit and view these files on your computer system as well because these spreadsheets created on iPad can be sent as excel and PDF files. The files can be easily shared between all the authorized users. iTunes enable you to transfer files easily between your computer and iPad.

iWork Suite is available for all of the Apple devices, you can use it on any device which supports typing and reading facility.

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