qBittorrent – Good Light Weight Torrent Client

Until recently uTorrent was my favorite torrent client for downloading big files, and I am sure you would agree with me, but now the days with the launch of uTorrent+, where you have to pay to get additional feature, I feel like it is not the one we should keep using. So I decided to go and look for alternatives.

Azureus was one of the big time favorite for me as well, but only problem with Azureus is, it is not as light as uTorrent. It file size is big and it also eats a lot of system resources apart from your Network Bandwidth. I don’t see any very good feature being added to it recently which stands it out of the peers. So My Search still go on.

Then I recently found another client called qBittorrent, it is another light weight torrent client like uTorrent and it is available for many platforms, like Windows, Linux, OS/2, Mac, and FreeBSD.

If you start looking for best handheld garment steamer features and options, even option are very similar to that of uTorrent. If you are uTorrent user, you will not feel any trouble in setting up qBittorrent be it scheduling, IP Filtering or Bandwidth usage.

It also comes with facility to integrate with Magnet link and default application for Torrent files. The status bar display more info then you see in uTorrent and best in class. It even offer web interface to manage it remotely.

Some advanced feature includes, speed limits based ion day and time specific, SMTP Server, email notification. Most of these features are present in uTorrent as well, but qBittorrent is free and will remain like that. Happy Torrenting with qBittorrent!

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