What are the Disadvantages of Using a Laptop?

A computer or a laptop plays an important role in today’s world in every sector whether it be in an organization, school, office, etc. We all are familiar with the advantages of having a normal computer or a laptop but there are various other disadvantages of using both devices. In a normal sense, we do know about the side effects of using a desktop computer as seating continuously in front of a desktop computer can cause many health issues. But there are also some disadvantages of using normal and best laptop brands. That’s the reason why you should do proper research before choosing the best laptop brand for your personal work or office.

In this article, we would be discussing the disadvantages of using a laptop whether it may be a standard one or the best laptop brand. 

  • Cost factor

If you have ever surfed about the price range of the laptop or have ever visited a store where laptops are sold then you may come to know that a laptop computer is comparatively very costly than a normal desktop computer. Whether you are planning to have a standard laptop or the best laptop brand, you need to pay high than a desktop computer. But compared to the standard laptop, best laptop brands are more expensive. The cost of the laptop is considered as the major disadvantage of a laptop. You can check out recommended laptops list by techlogitic

  • Frequent upgrades

There are always new features and upgrades present in the field of a laptop. Due to this, you face an older version of the laptop because you have purchased months or years back. The laptops are difficult to upgrade due to its integrated design. The only part which can be upgraded in your laptop is nothing but hard disk and the memory as this are the only parts that are accessible to users. As every laptop has its own proprietary designs and construction, they are very difficult to upgrade.

  • High maintenance cost

A laptop has a very high maintenance cost compared to a normal desktop computer. Whenever you face any problem or damage you are supposed to take the laptop either to the customer care or else to the certified engineer. To repair a laptop you need to have sophisticated tools which are present only with the repairers of the laptop and other devices. Best laptop brands have their own customer service where you can take your laptop and repair it safely. If you have a standard laptop then it is sometimes very difficult to find the customer service, due to which you need to rely on a local engineer who repairs the laptops and other computers.

  • Highly insecure

As it is a portable device, there is a high chance of laptop being missed or stolen. There are many such cases which have been registered of the laptop being stolen. So, while carrying your laptop anywhere outside the house, you need to ensure that you take them safely. The other major issue which is being faced by the laptop users is nothing but stealing of their personal and business data and files. When the laptop is theft, there is high chance of misusing or leaking of your personal and business secrecy outside by the theft. So, ensure that you carry your laptop safely. Some best laptop brands provide facility of gaining back the laptop or documents by tracking the person but in a real sense, it is very difficult.

  • Health issues

We assume that only desktop computers can cause health issues to the users but it is totally false. Continuous use of the laptops can also cause various health issues to the users. Prolonged use of laptops can cause neck problem, back pain, RSI due to their flat keyboards and trackpad pointing devices and also other eye problems. Due to the rays emitted from the screen of the laptop you might also face problems like a frequent headache, strain to eyes, etc. it is recommended to use a normal eyeglass which will prevent your eyes from the direct rays of laptop and also take a break frequently i.e, after half an hour or after 45 minutes each. It is also recommended that you keep an average distance between the display screen of the laptop and you. The integrated screen of the laptop causes frequent bending towards the display for the better view which may lead to neck and spinal injuries.  

A User Review of GrabBox

There are a number of apps that allow you to share screenshots by uploading them, but GrabBox has some features that sets it apart from the rest. One of these is its online service, Dropbox. The main advantage of this is that, unlike some similar programs, the images that you share using GrabBox won’t disappear when the developer makes changes to the software, but will remain available at the same URL.

Dropbox benefits the developer, by eliminating bandwidth costs, thus helping to sustain the service. It also benefits the user, as you can easily rename files, you always have local copies, and you can easily browse uploaded files even if you’re not online. GrabBox is also unique in that it only facilitates sharing of screenshots. It’s simple to set up – on launching, your Dropbox folder is automatically detected, then you can use the ‘Copy Public Link’ command on files in that folder.

After that, whenever you snap a screenshot with the built-in tools for screenshots in OSX, that screenshot will automatically be moved into a new subfolder in your Dropbox folder. The screenshot’s Dropbox URL will automatically be copied to your clipboard, and can be pasted into a chat session, tweet, or email.

There is a lot more that you can configure GrabBox to do. You can set it to prompt you before uploading, and it will wait for your permission before doing the upload. Instead of using an annoying dialogue to d this, it notifies you uses Growl. You can rename your screenshots before uploading and sharing them, which also uses Growl

Just click on the notification from Growl and enter the name you want, and the URL pasted to the clipboard will also be changed accordingly. This is useful if you want to use descriptive names, instead of the numerical defaults. By default, the URLs of public Dropboxes are pretty long, especially with your screenshots folder inside your public Dropbox added in, which means they’re not very suitable for using on Twitter. GrabBox solves this by offering shortened URLs using either bit.ly or o7.no.

You also have the choice to leave your screenshot where it is, and copy it rather than move it to your Dropbox folder. If you have any intentions of using the screenshot in other ways at a later time, you’ll find this very useful.

If you use Dropbox, and find you need to share screenshots, GrabBox is definitely a solution worth your consideration.

iWork Suite – Spreadsheet Office App for iPad 2


Numbers is the spreadsheet app for iPad and this application is associated with the iWork suite. Most users find this application far more user friendly and convenient than Pages. This application enables you to do almost all the actions related to a spreadsheet. You can create new spreadsheets, delete the ones that you do not need and send or share them with the people who need to access them.

The iPad screen provides you more space and better display to facilitate you work and work on complex documents as well. There are videos from Apple to make the users learn the way to work easily with tables in your spreadsheet. You can learn and work with charts, graphics, photos, formulas etc with equal ease by using this spreadsheet app for iPad. Here are some of the great features of this spreadsheet application:


Easy working with Tables

When you work on iWork Suite of application and work with tables then you would not even realize that you are working from your iPad because the user interface is so simple. You simply move your fingers and tap to enter and edit data in the tables. Addition, subtraction, finding minimum, maximum and other mathematical operations can be done with great ease.

Working with Forms

You can work on forms and work on your data faster and efficiently. These forms are very advanced and once linked with a table, the information gets automatically updated in the tables. This is helpful in maintaining records of classrooms, tracking performance of your car in terms of mileage etc.

Working with Charts

Working with charts is very interesting with this spreadsheet app for iPad. You can add various styles and make your charts look attractive. Adding data from more than one sheet to your charts can be done with ease. Numbers is a flexible spreadsheet application and this makes it very easy to drag the charts as you want.


Smart Keyboard

Smart keyboard enables you to work easily with formulas and do complex calculations rapidly. More than 250 functions are fully supported by a well developed calculation engine. There is enough help available for the users in case if they face any difficulty in using the keyboard for their desired operations.


If you want to take printout of your spreadsheets then you do not need any special software. This can be done very easily at just one tap using iWork Suite. Airprint makes printing faster by locating the printers that are Airprint enabled.

Multiple Formats and File Sharing

This spreadsheet app for iPad supports multiple formats. Yu can easily edit and view these files on your computer system as well because these spreadsheets created on iPad can be sent as excel and PDF files. The files can be easily shared between all the authorized users. iTunes enable you to transfer files easily between your computer and iPad.

iWork Suite is available for all of the Apple devices, you can use it on any device which supports typing and reading facility.

MAC’s Time Machine Backup


MAC’s Time Machine backup is the ultimate backup solution. In its own way, it’s as revolutionary as the introduction of graphical interface was a couple of decades ago. It defies any comparison to any Windows backup utilities or software, and is completely unique. It provides the complete solution to backing up files by making the whole process both intuitive and fully automatic.

In a nutshell, the Time Machine creates a “snapshot” of your system and then makes it possible for you to “go back in time” and retrieve a setting, program, folder or file from any time in the past – be it last week or last year. Technically, it’s a system that makes incremental backups – it makes a complete copy of your system, and then when there is any change it backs it up.

The Time Machine runs conveniently in the background, and within a 24-hour period makes backups every hour. At the start of each following 24-hour period, you then start with a full backup from the day before, and the process starts over again. Daily backups are each saved for a full month. At the end of each month, the system saves the last backup in increments of a week. So you can access any backup older than one month during that week.

The amount of storage space used by the Time Machine is dependent on the capacity of the external storage device used for saving your backups. If, for instance you have used about 80 GB of your Mac’s hard drive, a 1 TB external drive would let you save almost three months worth of backed-up data. In effect, if today were September 8, 2010, you would have the ability to retrieve files or programs from as far back as June 21, 2010. As your backup device becomes full, the oldest data is discarded in order to make space for the more recent.

As soon as your new external drive is plugged into your Mac, the Time Machine plugs itself into it immediately. The initial backup will obviously take some time, but after that you can let tit just do its thing in the background. You’ll see an icon at the top of your desktop on the main menu bar. When the Time Machine is bust backing up, the icon, which is in the shape of a small clock, will appear to run backwards. To enter the main program, simply click on the icon.

Retrieving a lost file is a simple process. Just open the folder where it was located, open Mac’s Time Machine backup, and you’ll see a number of Mac folders in decreasing sizes open up. Open the window that contains the program or file that you want to restore by clicking on the time bar, on the right hand side, then then click on the object you want to restore, and it will immediately be restored to its original location. If you have a more recent version of a file, you can choose not to overwrite it, but to instead save two versions. If you can’t recall the file’s original location, just use the Spotlight finder and then start up the Time Machine.

qBittorrent – Good Light Weight Torrent Client

Until recently uTorrent was my favorite torrent client for downloading big files, and I am sure you would agree with me, but now the days with the launch of uTorrent+, where you have to pay to get additional feature, I feel like it is not the one we should keep using. So I decided to go and look for alternatives.

Azureus was one of the big time favorite for me as well, but only problem with Azureus is, it is not as light as uTorrent. It file size is big and it also eats a lot of system resources apart from your Network Bandwidth. I don’t see any very good feature being added to it recently which stands it out of the peers. So My Search still go on.

Then I recently found another client called qBittorrent, it is another light weight torrent client like uTorrent and it is available for many platforms, like Windows, Linux, OS/2, Mac, and FreeBSD.

If you start looking for best handheld garment steamer features and options, even option are very similar to that of uTorrent. If you are uTorrent user, you will not feel any trouble in setting up qBittorrent be it scheduling, IP Filtering or Bandwidth usage.

It also comes with facility to integrate with Magnet link and default application for Torrent files. The status bar display more info then you see in uTorrent and best in class. It even offer web interface to manage it remotely.

Some advanced feature includes, speed limits based ion day and time specific, SMTP Server, email notification. Most of these features are present in uTorrent as well, but qBittorrent is free and will remain like that. Happy Torrenting with qBittorrent!

Creative People Can Create Wonders With Drawing Apps For iPad

Today’s digital devices are not just geeky and they are highly suitable for passionate people. Your iPad is a wonderful device that can be exploited in any way you want. The unique and large touch screen interface makes it the best canvas to create wonderful art.

Rather than using the mouse to create digital art using your laptop, you can give shape to your imagination using your own hands or with an optional stylus using drawing apps for iPad. Whether you are a dedicated designer or just a creative person looking for fun, the drawing apps are right for you.


Free or Paid Drawing Apps For iPad: What Do You Want?

When you go to the iTunes iPad section, you will find a number of free and paid apps that can be used for drawing. There are wonderful free apps that are suitable for professional artists and it is not necessary that you have to buy an app to get professional features.

If you are just looking for fun with drawing and painting, then you can take advantage of the free drawing apps for your iPad. Serious graphic designers and artists who are creating art for profit can’t be satisfied with free apps and they need apps that are used by world class artists. There are numerous paid drawing apps too that add vibrant beauty to your work of art.

Draw Free for iPad is a basic drawing app for iPad that has a clean interface with color pencils. You can draw some quick diagrams using this app. This is a great app for kids who are creative. You can let your little ones to use your high end device to have a bit of fun using the Draw app. If your profession involves drawings, art and paintings, you will find this Draw app handy at times.

If just the basic features are not sufficient and you want something more, but for free, then Adobe Ideas is the best paid drawing app available for iPad. You can jolt down your ideas and they can be retrieved quickly. Using this app, you can quickly modify or even send your art as an email attachment. The interface is pretty intuitive and you will have fun with this app.

When it comes to paid drawing apps for iPad, there are multiple choices and some of the apps like Brushes have been known to be used by international magazine designers. Layers pro edition and Sketchbook Pro are for professional artists who can create wonders with digital drawing applications.

There are drawing apps that allow you to import pictures and dso the non-art type of painting and drawing depending on your needs. You just have to explore the possibilities and find out the best app suitable for you.